Vocational Training

As a centre of lifelong learning, the seminary offers shorter vocational courses for different target groups. All the courses are interactive, with many of them using video materials or experiential elements. Among the newest forms of training, there are study trips and prayer journeys. As the educational centre of the Union of Free Evangelical and Baptist Churches of Estonia, the seminary inter alia takes care of the vocational training of those who minister to others in local churches of the union. These are both pastors and leaders of the various ministries each local church carries out for the congregation and in service to the community.

Vocational training takes place in Tallinn, Tartu and elsewhere. Upon participating in the vocational training, the students have two options – either attend and listen to the training sessions without any written work and get a certificate or pass all the assessment tasks and get a report. In the latter case, most of the courses completed can also be taken into account as part of the university level education.

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