Applied Higher Education

One of the distinctives of the seminary is its size. As a small school the seminary takes an individual approach to each student. This includes providing each student with a personal mentor throughout the entire time he/she is engaged in preparation for ministry.

The curriculum “Free Church Theology and Leadership” belongs to the field of theology and is accredited by the state. The distinctive feature of the approach in this seminary is focusing on the church model which emphasises non-hierarchical leadership and values adult baptism. The training is practical and flexible. Within the curriculum, it is possible to specialise in one of four tracks: theology (a more academic approach), practical missions (a blend of social work and counseling), youth work (children and youth), and church planting and coaching.

The studies consist of 180 ECTS, at least 32 ECTS are requried in the field of practical training . This practical training includes one large project in one’s field of specialisation. The studies are organised into 11 study sessions a year, lasting 3-4 days at a time. There are audio and video recordings of all the lectures that can be heard/seen after the sessions.

The members of the Union of Free Evangelical and Baptist Churches of Estonia who are actively involved in church ministry and have no incompleted course work or examinations in their studies have the possibility of applying for a scholarship that covers half of the tuition fee.

Jaga lehte