VKTJ.06.15 Apologetics

Õppejõud: David Jakobsen (Taani)


NB! Kursus on inglise keeles, võimalusega kodused ülesanded teha eesti keeles!

Learning outcomes (õpiväljundid)

After passing the course successfully, the student will be able to:
• Know of various approaces, current as well as traditional, to meet the rational challenges that face Christianity.
• Make critical analysis of central truth-claims of Christinity.
• Know of worldview thinking
• Know of the role logic and science has in providing a defense of the Christian faith.
• Engange critically in discussion about the rationality of the Christian faith.
• Know of scientific, philosophical and historical reasons to believe in the Christian faith.


4.-6. mai 2022, Nuutsakul


Seminari tudengid: 45 EUR
Mittetudengid: 100 EUR
NB! Hind sisaldab majutuse, sauna ja kolme päeva kõik toidud, mittetudengite lisandub ainepunktide soodushind (2/3 tavapärasest ainepunktihinnast).