TÜ.02.02 Jeesusest lähtuv jüngerlus / Discipleship originatiing from Jesus

Lecturer: Jozsef Steiner


Learning outcomes

After passing the course successfully, students...
• analyse the entire content of the Holy Scriptures on the subject of
Discipleship from the perspective of church and social life, and explain the Bible’s message on how to make disciples in a relevant way in today’s society
• understand the complex relationship between the society and the church in the light of the Biblical teaching and outline a detailed disciple making plan in order to raise Christians who are able to build and maintain authentic relationship between the church and the society
• transform the information, knowledge and insights gained during the studies of this course into culturally relevant approaches and forms of discipleship for the contemporary society.
• analyse main obstacles and problems of discipleship and offer possible solutions to solve these


February - April