Luuka evangeelium ja Apostlite teod/Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles

Õppejõud: Peter Penner



Upon successful completion of this course on Luke's Gospel and Acts, students will be able to...
• Analyze the socio-economic, geographical, social, and religious backdrop of the early Christian community, fostering a holistic awareness of the context in which these texts were written and received.
• Chart the progressive evolution of Jesus' and his disciples' missions, as well as that of Paul and other missionaries, while systematically evaluating the principles and strategies that guided their missionary endeavors.
• Examine the New Testament from a fresh vantage point, skillfully integrating the perspectives of mission and ethics within the context of a diverse and dynamic church, characterized by a multi-ethnic, multi- national, and multi-religious environment.
• Appraise and identify specific ministry principles embedded within the narratives, recognizing their enduring value and potential applicability for the modern church's mission and ministry initiatives.
Through rigorous engagement with the content of Luke's Gospel and Acts, students will emerge equipped with an enriched theological foundation, a refined awareness of historical and social contexts, and a robust toolkit of principles and strategies that will empower them to engage in transformative mission work within today's complex and interconnected world.





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